Week 5: Applied Ethics Within Organizations/Effective Team Work

02/16/2019 23:18


This week is a double whammy, or triple if you include the very brief quiz. It should be engaging, however, and lessons address important aspects of managing in today’s complex environments.

Consistent with my conviction that you need hands-on experience of some sort to become better managers and leaders, you’ll work in groups to analyze a recent example of a company's problems in holding to its own principles.

Later, we’ll review key elements of Chapter 15 – Effective Groups & Teams





Resources and Study

Read Ch 15 as noted in Timeline

Key Points to Remember, following up with Chapter 4:

Ethics can be defined as individual, occupational, organizational, or societal morals and values, while social responsibility is the practical application of ethical concerns for the benefit of firms and stakeholders.

Review the Chapter 4 slides as needed to understand the relationship of ethics to law.

Recall this model for ethical leadership practice proposed by Dr. Ann Skeet of the Markkula Center of Applied Ethics:

  1. Model Character and Values
  2. Create Community
  3. Encourage Ethical Conduct
  4. Be Disciplined in your Leadership Role
  5. Clarify your Culture When Needed
  6. Design Ethical Systems

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