Week 4: Assessment, You as Manager, & Chapter 4

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Tuesday is the assessment, and there’s another “points activity” on Thursday that I will explain to you. If you are unable to come to class on Thursday, I can’t offer the points as we will quickly be moving on. In any case, you understand how participation points work in class.

Check the timeline in the tab in the menu above. I try to keep it up to date, as my approach to the class will differ than what was originally presented.  

Expect a short 7 question quiz next week on Chapter 3 that you will have plenty of time to do in class. I will give you want you need, just bring a pencil. We will not be doing an extensive review in advance, but you should not need it. I'll give you a basic rundown on what's covered.

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Slides and Study Guide

Homework: Read Chapter 4

Read the Overview – The Nature of Ethics – Stakeholders and Ethics – Rules for Ethical Decision Making – Ethics and Social Responsibility – * Societal, * Individual, and *Organizational Ethics (three separate sections)

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Knowledge of your own personal traits and characteristics supports the development of what Professor Marc Le Menestrel calls "wise power."  We need it to be successful in our lives. What is wise power? According to Dr. Le Menestrel, it:

  • represents (a grasp of) dualities that helps us meet the world halfway, between what we want and what is offered. it represents the ability to master deeper dynamics… [this power] is less likely to be blindsided by challenges and threats.
  • dispenses with the notion of full control;  Notes the author, “[Wise power] itself contains an element of surprise.”
  • encompasses the idea that “Leaders developing their wise power train their attention towards the underlying forces shaping their environment and themselves… their thinking is not beholden to entrenched prejudices and patterns of behavior [and they can thus] devise more effective and more meaningful solutions.”

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