Week 2 - Chapter Two: Why Study Management Theory?

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Management theory is important - it's the study of how to make everyone in an organization more productive. If you are one day self-employed and/or have others working for you, or you outsource certain jobs you are unable to do, then you'll  know how hard it is to find qualified and competent professionals to provide you a service, or work for you. You want to maximize labor productivity. Therefore, learning how to manage people is crucial.

The key to business management is to optimize productivity. However, do remember that while management theory aims to get a group of entities to achieve a certain goal, results vary according to the manager's ability and knowledge wthin specific situations. No theory alone can solve all management dilemmas, but each theory discussed in the course shaped the business world of today.

And so the study of management theory serves as a guide, but please remember what I said in the first class -  management is not only a science, but an art as well.



Slides and Resources


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Your Study Guide

Scientific Management Theory

Understand the problems in the workplace identified by Frederick Taylor.

Remember and understand the principles of scientific management

Understand the difference between Gilbreth’s time studies and F. Taylor’s motion studies.


Administrative Management Theory

What problems was Weber trying to solve with his principles of bureaucracy?

Please review with care Fayol’s principles of administration in your text. Why would he find each necessary?

Behavioral Management Theory

What was Mary Parker Follet’s contribution?

How did the Hawthorne studies lead us to what is now known as the Hawthorne Effect?

Distinguish between McGregor’s theory X and Y

Know the definitions of Management Science Theory, open-systems view, and contingency theory.




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