Week 13 - Global Thinking in Management Practice, Continued

04/12/2019 09:35

We still have much to consider in terms of managing in global environments. Even if we plan to stay put, for example in a rural area, chances are great that we will be engaged somehow in global enterprise (e.g.- farmers who use seeds and pesticides procured through international companies like Monsanto). Farmers are an example of a group whose influence is increasingly political, and international, as their associations and groups strategize to ensure the availability of food.

Please bear in mind, as we review the important insights of Hofstede, that his is a general, albeit culturally accurate, view. However, individuals anywhere are just that: individuals who may or may not adhere closely to the traditions and cultural customs of their cultures. Plus, people in business everywhere are becoming sensitized to the various habits of those of other cultures, and adapt as we do the same.



Be prepared for a Quiz Based on Recent Class Discussions on Thursday! Please bring a scantron this time (882e) as discussed.

Homework for next week: Please review Chapters 8 and 10 in your text

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Hofstede's model can be difficult to grasp, but we'll make it as easy as possible.



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