Week 12: Managing in a Global Environment

04/05/2019 20:52

This is all about the key environments in which business works today (and leaders must manage).

For this week it is important that you attend class and absorb material.

Thursday is a points day, as a special presenter will come in for a short discussion on new opportunities for the campus' business students. It aligns well with our topic of the week. There are going to be quizzes on the topic, most likely next week. It's very important, but I want to spend time on this chapter and provide enough perspective to actually absorb its important lessons.

If you need further insight, look elements discussed in class up. For example, here is a good explanation of a firm's task environment.  Here's one for general environment.


Slides and Additional Resources

Homework - Please Review Chapter 6 in your TEXT - It's an important chapter. Take it out to a coffee shop and have a good time. Or read it in the Merriam Library. If you have  a copy of the book - good for you.

And this image, below, is a great illustration of what the next couple of class meetings are all about!


ManageGloballyPartOne.pptx (2375867)

ManageGloballyPt2 (1).pptx (464151)

Help with Hofstede: www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_66.htm



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