Information for Essays & In-Class Writing

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Criteria for a successful written essay, or in-class response - most likely, you will be asked only for a short in-class writing task.

1)      Focus on the issue (does your writing deal with the problem?)

2)      Evidence (did you support your position/thoughts with enough information?)

3)      Coherence (does your argument make sense – or hold together?)

4)      Scope (does your writing cover an important aspect of the problem?

5)      Originality 

Grading for writings:

If you generally are concerned about your grades, you need to be conscientious about your performance throughout the course. As stated in the syllabus, your course grade will be based on your total points.


If you are concerned about your performance, see me during office hours.


I do short quizzes fairly often, and you will not necessarily have advance notice on them all. However, if you miss one of those, I will substitute the average of the others for ONE that you miss at the end of the semester. If you miss class often, expect your grade to be affected to an extent – though none are going to be nearly as “high value” as the scheduled exams.


Life happens, and sometimes dire emergencies occur. You must come into my office to see what I am able to do to accommodate an urgent, verifiable need.


Short in-class writings

Worth: Up to 10 points each, graded on the following basis:










OK – Not quite on point



Needs significant improvement.



Completely missed the point.





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