Final Weeks

04/27/2019 21:09

We'll focus on aspects of management I believe are most important to keep in mind as you enter the professional ranks. Once you are there, with a foundation set, you will continue to progress - if you want to. I'll be engaging you with some problem sets/discussion opportunities, so your continued attendance is important and appreciated.

I enjoyed reading your proposed strategies to jumpstart the business we discussed last Thursday. You all had several good ideas, and assuming this hypothetical company had the cash for investment, if they instituted your advice and followed through with acquistions like software, staff, etc. they'd probably pull out of their slump! 

Generally, though, please remember the famous slogan above, that virtually all business people have heard at some point in their work lives. It's been around a long while because we in the business world have found it to be so, so true. And yes, I wonder too - if we discern its wisdom, why do so many workplaces still have lousy cultures? 

The answer, my friends, is perhaps too many settle for mediocrity and lousy results, and do not push for excellence, which is always available to those who are willing. Always!





Slides and resources

Life ahead: Today’s Business and You.pptx (672896)

Basically, the following slides wil lalways be helpful:

Business Planning - Goal SettingCh5.pptx (1,5 MB)

V2Key Management Skill (1).pptx (1234786)




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