Chapter 7: Leadership

03/02/2019 16:08

Please refer to Chapter 14, Leadership. Focus on:

(Pages vary with editions, so find the discussions) Leadership across cultures, Trait and Behavior models of leadership, Fiedler's Contingency Model, Transformational Leadership, Gender and Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

However, I will present additional information to what is presented in your text, so be sure to consider the week’s slides.

We’ll consider what management scholars have traditionally thought about leadership, how that fits with our own thinking, and our own potential as leaders today.





Slides and Resources

Quick Quiz on Motivation and Leadership Thursday 

LCBleadership.pptx (1213392) 

We also have a few class activities coming up that involve the study of leadership. 

The Search for One's Personal Best and Its Corporate - and Global Impacts

 - as_a_man_thinketh.pdf (118993) (the book that inspired me when I was young - and still does)

Free version above, you can also find this reprint at Amazon or wherever books are sold.




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