Chapter 3: The Manager as a Person, OR - What Makes You, YOU?

02/02/2019 12:28

Again, we find ourselves inside a deep topic we may have to work to feel comfortable in: that of moods, emotions, values, etc., all combining to become that which we call “personality,” another rather hard-to-pin-down concept. But boy, do we feel the effects of the personalities around us. It's energy, right, a force - one way or another.

In management, we need to look carefully at the ideas described in Chapter 3. Please follow the readings as proscribed in the timeline. I’ll cover the basics as always, and we’ll have opportunities to discuss and explore. I’ll offer a tool to apply in your own work with “personality,” yours or anyone else’s.

This is an important topic, for the work of the organization is dependent upon people and all their gifts and baggage.

I hope overall you become curious, too. Your book offers a few quick tests to take to pinpoint your own personal traits and characteristics. I took one myself. Are such tools useful, and if so, how?

This will offer a real opportunity to deepen your understanding of that which too many take for granted in the business/greater world; personality is powerful and establishes the tone for environments – entire cultures, in fact.

We’ll also do a group assessment / check in, per usual, in the latter half of Thursday’s class, to see how you are tracking.


Slides and an Interesting Question to Ponder This Week

Emotional Intelligence - what is it? You will need to know for a future assessment


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