At the time of our final, please bring the following document as part of your grade:
Imagine that you are being considered as one of two candidates for a management position in a field that interests you. You consider this to be the opportunity you have always wanted. The team you manage is diverse and includes individuals both younger and older than you are. The decision-maker, Mary Cadbury, asks both of you, as her chosen candidates, to write a personal letter describing:
1. The type of manager you aim to be - the attributes you bring to the work environment
2. How you will motivate your team to do their best work
3. How the formal study of management has enabled you to be the strong candidate you are.
Note: The above must be typewritten and without errors. It can be as short as one single spaced page, or as long as two. Be succinct, but be thoughtful and above all else, honest and convincing. How will you showcase your skills to an employer you really want to impress?
International Management Learning Opportunity!
Consider This Opportunity to Gain International Experience - MGMT 498 - Fall 2019 - Brochure v2.pdf (1684411)


"Draw A Leader" Challenge





Weekly Prep, Summaries, Notes

  • 02/09/2019 18:29

    Week 4: Assessment, You as Manager, & Chapter 4

    Tuesday is the assessment, and there’s another “points activity” on Thursday that I will explain to you. If you are unable to come to class on Thursday, I can’t offer the points as we will quickly be moving on. In any case, you understand how participation points work in class. Check the timeline...

  • 02/02/2019 12:28

    Chapter 3: The Manager as a Person, OR - What Makes You, YOU?

    Again, we find ourselves inside a deep topic we may have to work to feel comfortable in: that of moods, emotions, values, etc., all combining to become that which we call “personality,” another rather hard-to-pin-down concept. But boy, do we feel the effects of the personalities around us. It's...

  • 01/26/2019 14:53

    Week 2 - Chapter Two: Why Study Management Theory?

    Management theory is important - it's the study of how to make everyone in an organization more productive. If you are one day self-employed and/or have others working for you, or you outsource certain jobs you are unable to do, then you'll  know how hard it is to find qualified and competent...

  • 01/10/2019 09:50

    Week 1: The Study of Management – It Benefits You Personally and CAN Be Fun

    Google “the study of management” and you’ll find a definition like this one: The study of management provides future business leaders with a sound working knowledge of policies, procedures and practices that govern business and social operations and, in turn, allows them to understand and control...

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